Leftist Activist Claims She Was "Racially Profiled" in Israeli Airport That Doesn't Exist

There's one way to fly to and land in Jerusalem. And it involves divine intervention.

But Layla Maryam Ravazi, a leftist activist, tried to glom in on the left's current anti-Israel campaign by claiming, in response to the Israeli ban on Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib, "I was detained and interrogated for hours when I landed at Jerusalem because racial profiling. I wasn’t released until the UN envoy intervened. Israel routinely targets, harasses and kills Muslims. The President is openly encouraging their bad acts."

That's not surprising.

Anyone landing in Jerusalem would be immediately arrested and their small plane, UFO or jet pack would be promptly confiscated. There's no international airport in Jerusalem.

Ravazi currently works for the California Immigrant Policy Center, and before that had put in time at toxic radical groups like the ACLU and the American Friends Service Committee.




Countless replies quickly informed Ravazi that there was no airport in Jerusalem.


"I meant TelAviv. We drove straight to East Jerusalem and spent the whole time there. I mistyped," Ravazi wrote back.

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are spelled almost exactly the same. And they're both next to the airport in Jerusalem.

Then she claimed, oddly, "In 2016, I participated in a human rights delegation touring East Jerusalem & the West Bank. We flew into *Tel Aviv* and exited through the Jordanian border. I mistakenly wrote Jerusalem because I did not spend time in Tel Aviv. But the experience at the airport is true."

The replies continued to pile up.

Islamic legend does claim that its adherents have the right to Jerusalem because Mohammed once flew there during the night on a horse with a woman's head. That story is still more plausible than Ravazi's.