Lincoln Chafee Now the Great Hope of the Libertarian Party

Any move from Gary Johnson and William Weld should, in theory, have been a step up. Unless you're stepping on to the Lincoln Chafee bus.

A member of one of New England’s most prominent political families, Chafee recently left his home state and moved to Wyoming, citing his family’s love of the outdoors. Upon arrival, he switched his official party registration to Libertarian, marking his fourth different party affiliation in his political career. 

That news, announced via op-ed column, got Libertarian Party politicos chattering about the possibility that Chafee could carry the party’s banner for 2020.

After this, all that's left is the Communist Party.

Chafee framed his jump to the Libertarian Party as a matter of principle, not opportunism, and explained that he didn’t join the party with dreams of a presidential run. “People always say, Chafee jumps from party to party, but I’ve always been fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” he said. “I’ve been very, very consistent…

Consistent indeed.

Chafee tried and failed to get the Democrat nomination in 2016. How bad of a candidate do you have to be to lose to Hillary? Here's a flashback.

It happened after CNN moderator Anderson Cooper questioned Chafee — who has attacked Hillary Clinton for backing Wall Street — about his vote for the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999. Glass-Steagall was a financial-regulation bill that separated commercial banks and securities firms.

Chafee's answer? "The Glass-Steagall was my very first vote, I'd just arrived, my dad had died in office," Chafee said. "I just arrived to Senate."

 As I wrote at the time,

The horror continued with Lincoln Chafee, a man whose only purpose in coming to the debate was to take home the prize of the worst political candidate on this stage and on every stage in history.

Lincoln Chafee, who has been a Republican, an Independent and now a Democrat, has entered the race with a vow to switch the country over to the metric system. Chafee, inspired by his time in Canada, called for “a bold embrace of internationalism” by going metric. He also promised that the chaos, waste, expense and accidents involved in switching the country to a new measurement system would “help our economy”.

He also implied that it would atone for the Iraq War. 

Challenged on his party switching, he claimed to be “a block of granite” on the issues. Then he whined that he shouldn’t be held accountable for a Senate vote because it was his “first vote” and “my dad died.”

In one of the debate’s greatest moments of glorious insanity, Chafee insisted that Hillary’s email scandal was an issue because of Iraqi WMDs.

The 2020 bid should be awesome.