Media Complains News Links Included Links to "Partisan" Conservative Sites

It's 2019.

Is BuzzFeed seriously pretending that the listicle site is mainstream or non-partisan? Short answer, yes. Because narrative comes as far ahead of reality as anything you might find in Oceania's Ministry of Information. So BuzzFeed emits this bizarre claim in this bizarre hit piece.

An arm of the Justice Department regularly sent summaries and links to articles from an online white nationalist publication over the last year, a BuzzFeed News investigation has found. In addition, similar newsletters sent to the Labor Department, ICE, HUD, and the Department of Homeland Security included links and content from hyperpartisan and conspiracy-oriented publishers.

Like, BuzzFeed.

On Thursday, BuzzFeed News reported that an immigration judges union sent a letter of complaint to EOIR for its inclusion in an August newsletter of a VDare blog post that attacked its members with anti-Semitic slurs. 

This claim was already proven to be false.

Two of the judges in question appear to be from Muslim countries. There's no evidence that Jewish judges were singled out with the term Kritarch. Or that the term, referring to judicial tyranny, had anything to do with Jews. But the conspiracy theories keep flowing.

While these newsletters typically shared articles from local and mainstream national news outlets — including BuzzFeed News — they also regularly delivered content from partisan publications touting anti-immigration rhetoric and conspiracy theories. Among these publications: the Western Journal, a hyperpartisan publisher whose founder once questioned if then-presidential candidate Barack Obama was Muslim, and the Epoch Times, a newspaper associated with the Chinese Falun Gong movement and whose related media properties have backed QAnon, a conspiracy theory claiming a group of high-ranking officials known as the “Deep State” is subverting President Donald Trump’s goals...

So BuzzFeed claims that it's a non-partisan outlet. Or just non-hyperpartisan?

Hyperpartisan appears to be a meaningless term developed in the fake news wars which defines conservative outlets as illegitimate because they're hyperpartisan. As opposed to the media which is just partisan. Again, this is a meaningless pretext for political censorship.

But, notice, how the media begins with a fake claim of racism and then escalates to a call for censoring conservative sites in general.