Media Finally Figures Out Angle on Socialist Dayton Mass Shooter

After the two mass shootings, the media focused on the El Paso shooter, who had expressed hostility to immigration, making it very easy for the media to spin him their way. But the Dayton shooter was a Warren supporter who liked socialism and a mass of leftist causes.

So after ignoring him, the media finally found a politically correct angle on Connor Betts.

Many questions remain in the motivations of the man who allegedly committed a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, last weekend, leaving nine dead before responding officers shot him to death.

But officials briefed on the investigation told ABC News the suspected shooter demonstrated a misogyny that was far more extreme than any of his political leanings.

How convenient.

Let me headline that, "Anonymous Officials Tell Leftist Media to Ignore Mass Shooter's Leftist Politics and Accuse him of Sexism."

Connor Betts was such a misogynist that he supported Elizabeth Warren.

High school classmates of Connor Betts, 24, the suspected Dayton shooter, for example, said he was suspended for making a "rape list" of female classmates he wanted to sexually assault, The Associated Press reported. They said he was later suspended over a "hit list" found in a school bathroom.

A former camp-mate of Betts told The Cincinnati Enquirer he saw Betts choke a girl he was dating as a teen.

So ABC News is arguing that Betts had a lot in common with Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, and a number of other prominent Democrats?

Except that of Betts' 9 victims, 5 were men and 4 were women.

Also Betts' sister was apparently claiming to be a man. If you go with that, which lefties do, that's 6 men and 3 women.

As a misogynistic shooting, this doesn't work.

But you've gotta give the media credit. It never stops working to invent new narratives and cover up the truth.

Regardless of the facts, the new media narrative will now be that an Elizabeth Warren supporter, who mostly shot men, was a sexist.