Media Lefties Now Trying to Start a War w/Brazil

Why? The obvious.

President Jair Bolsonaro is a conservative leader, who displaced a corrupt leftist clique, and has been compared to Trump. The Amazon fires (and the fake photos being circulated of them) have led to a bunch of media hot takes calling for, among others, an invasion of Brazil.

The worst of these may be Franklin Foer at The Atlantic comparing the Amazon fires to WMDs. The WMD analogy may be a tad dated, but the true insanity can be found in Foer's final paragraph.

"If there were a functioning global community, it would be wrestling with how to more aggressively save the Amazon, and acknowledging that the battle against climate change demands not only new international cooperation but, perhaps, the weakening of traditional concepts of the nation-state... But the case for territorial incursion in the Amazon is far stronger than the justifications for most war. In the meantime, the planet chokes on old notions of sovereignty."

Not only do we all get to lose our rights for this "climate emergency", but nations also get to be eliminated.

I'm sure an invasion of Brazil will in no way release that 'carbon' that lefties are obsessed with or in any way pollute the planet.

And proposing invasions of countries that don't cooperate with lefty environmentalism raises the obvious question, who wants to invade China?

I nominate Foer and the Sierra Club. Go for it, guys.

Except it's never China. The PRC is, at least on paper, Communist. The targets will always be right-wing governments, not left-wing ones.