Media Uses Anti-Israel BDS Activist to Fake "Jewish" Support For Rep. Tlaib

After Rep. Tlaib's latest hateful episode, the media has spread reports of "Jewish" support for her anti-Semitism.

Many of those reports name Ms. Alana Alpert, the leader of a leftist group named Detroit Jews for Justice.

"Justice" branded groups overlap with the usual motley roster of anti-Israel hate groups. And Alana Alpert comes from the ranks of the anti-Israel Left. 

Alana Alpert's appeared on a listing of the JVP Rabbinical Council. JVP is an anti-Israel BDS group with a history of supporting terrorists and the destruction of Israel. 

Alpert's name has also been signed to a number of letters opposing the right of Jews to live in Israel.

She has a history of anti-Israel activity, and has more recently signed letters in support of Linda Sarsour's anti-Semitism and opposition to Israel's BDS ban.

In a 2008 post, Alana Alpert falsely described Gilad Shalit, an Israeli hostage of Hamas as a "prisoner of war", and claimed that "Gaza was attacked by Israel" and that "280 were murdered".

Alpert dismissed the campaign to free Shalit and instead urged an end to "the attack on Gaza". 

By which she meant the attack on Hamas.

Alpert even launched a campaign against the construction of a Holocaust museum in Israel by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

This is the sort of toxic anti-Israel activist that the media is using to try and shield Rep. Tlaib from the outrage of the Jewish community.