Muslim Brotherhood Mosque Advises German Muslims to Beat Their Wives

I'm as shocked as you are that a mosque is quoting the Koran.

The Islamic community in Munich issued guidelines on its website that encourage men to assault their wives or female partners if they are “unruly.”

The Bavarian Broadcasting 24 outlet published the shocking report on Saturday, writing, “In the case of a marriage in great difficulty or when the partner is ‘unruly,’ the Islamic Center Munich [IZM] invokes the Koran. Accordingly, the husband should comply with three steps: First, reprimand. Second, separation in the marriage bed. And third, beating.”

Visitors of IZM’s website have been informed about the permissible beating of women for 15 years, according to the Bavarian Broadcasting 24 journalists Sabina Wolf and Joseph Röhmel, who first reported the story....

The Islamic Center Munich has ties to the Islamic Community of Germany association. German authorities say the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood plays a role in the Islamic Community of Germany organization. Egypt classifies the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist entity...

The Islamic Center Munich told Bavarian Broadcasting 24 that it plans to modify its website within two weeks.

Apparently it takes two weeks to upload a new page to your site.

German media and politicians are comically shocked and offended at the Koran quote from a mosque linked to the Brotherhood.

Members of the Munich city council, who were confronted with the statements on the website, expressed shock to BR.

SPD City Councilor Cumali Naz, spokesman for migration, said: "If IZM claims that violence is a legitimate means of resolving marital conflicts, it is fundamentally contrary to the values ​​of our society."

The Koran is contrary to the values of your society. You can either change your values, the Koran, or pretend there's no conflict.