New York Times Lefties Cancel Subscriptions Because of Insufficiently Negative Coverage of Trump

1. While the media is overall failing, a handful of national outlets, mainly the New York Times and the Washington Post began making money on their anti-Trump coverage, much of it promising to bring him down.

2. The major papers are profiting from running anti-Trump coverage, but they're also being held hostage to their business model.

3. Much of the lefty readership really doesn't bother reading stories, just does the usual Daily Show scan for negative content it can pull out.

So that's what happened when the New York Times ran a normative headline, “TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM", in a piece that repeated the usual negative coverage of Trump.

Lefties didn't read the story. They fumed that the headline made it appear that Trump was against racism, even though the headline merely summed up Trump's speech. They began announcing that they were canceling subscriptions for insufficiently negative coverage of Trump.

Now when conservatives or pro-Israel people complain, the paper usually shrugs.

Thus far Dean Baquet, the Times editor, has apologized for the headline. The headline has been pulled. And the Times will commit to bashing Trump twice as hard to compensate. That last part isn't an official statement, but view it as an unofficial inevitability.

Other media outlets have taken the lead in bashing a fellow paper for actually running a factual and descriptive headline.

What do they think this is, journalism?

I'll leave this in the capable hands of Verizon's Huffington Post. "NYT's Trump Headline Is So Outrageous That People Are Canceling Subscriptions."

Nope. No room for journalism here.