No, Epstein's Death Isn't About "Prison Conditions"

The media claims that Jeffrey Epstein only died because his guards were working overtime.

It's New York. Everyone's working overtime.

MCC is a major federal detention facility and Epstein was in SHU, a special unit. He was a celebrity prisoner, which means that he would have been monitored more carefully, no matter how much overtime there was.

And guard overtime doesn't explain why Epstein was rapidly transitioned off suicide watch after an apparent suicide attempt.

That's not a guard decision. It was a decision by some combination of administrators and psychiatric review. It can't be explained by detention facility conditions or guard overtime.

The media, which is lefty, wants to pivot the Epstein issue along its chosen political channels, in this case pro-crime agitation about prison conditions, rather than looking at the holistic picture of how Epstein was able to manipulate the system, and how a series of unexplained events colluded to seemingly enable his death.

1. His fellow inmate, a cop with a dubious track record, was pulled out of his cell.

2. Epstein was pulled off suicide watch which would have required him to be monitored every 15 minutes

3. He wasn't even monitored every 30 minutes

The overtime story is a feeble attempt at explaining point 3. It doesn't even begin to explain the first two points.