Obama Ocean Mansion 3-10 Feet Above Sea Level Extremely Vulnerable to Global Warming

Why don't the Obamas believe in science?

As some have noted, the Obama picked up a $14,850,000 seaside mansion on Martha's Vineyard, despite the inevitable doom of climate change, global warming, global cooling, a climate emergency or whatever we're calling it this week.

Renting the place is one thing. Shelling out almost $15 million bucks is an investment.

A prime thesis of lefties (including Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal announcement) is that vulnerability to "climate change" is a financial risk. Companies that fail to act appropriately might be targeted by the SEC. And here are the Obamas moving into a very vulnerable location.

Casa Du Hope and Change is located directly on the Edgartown Great Pond. The 29 acre estate has a view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

That's because the Edgartown Great Pond is separated only by a thin strip of "barrier beach" from the Atlantic Ocean.

A sea level rise here would wipe out the Obama estate.

The EGP is considered particularly vulnerable to "climate change" and Edgartown is particularly at risk. Here's a link to a chart of hypothetical effects of a sea level rise.

During the summer, Martha’s Vineyard is a vacation oasis for visitors. For a Connecticut student, summer was an opportunity to study climate change.

Jonathan Pollack, a recent graduate in geography from the University of Connecticut, wrote his thesis, titled, “An Integrated Approach for Developing Adaptation Strategies in Climate Planning: A Case Study of Vulnerability in Dukes County, Massachusetts,” on the rising sea levels and changing climate of Martha’s Vineyard.

If the sea level were to rise by three meters, Mr. Pollack estimates nine percent of the Island would be lost to the sea. If the sea level rises by five meters, 17 percent of the Island he said would be gone.

Certain areas are more vulnerable than others. “Overall, Chilmark, Edgartown, Gosnold, and West Tisbury are at risk of losing the most land to sea level rise,” Mr. Pollack said.

The Obamas, as noted, are in Edgartown.

A sea level rise would roll over the barrier beach, reach the pond, and then Casa Du Hope and Change is next.

Climate change is complicated; sea level rise is not. We live on an Island – a glorified sandbar–and the sea is closing in on us. It is rising much faster than anticipated. In the last century sea level rose by about a foot. In this century, due to human-induced global warming, it is expected to rise at least five feet, according to a new report by the international Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program.

Just last week the mainstream sea level rise estimate was three feet, but the new five-foot number takes into account the accelerated rate of melting by glaciers, ice caps and the enormous Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets. Some specialists think even that estimate is low.

On the Vineyard a five-foot rise in the sea will swallow whole swaths of low-lying land–beaches, salt marshes, roads and homes. Five Corners in Vineyard Haven will disappear, as will portions of downtown Edgartown and Oak Bluffs.

The land surrounding our many majestic coastal ponds will be under water, including the shores of Chilmark and Edgartown Great Ponds, Sengekontacket and Trapp's Pond, Farm Pond, Sunset Lake and Squibnocket Pond. South Beach, Katama Point and vast portions of the Chappaquiddick shoreline will be lost to the sea. Much of Lobsterville will cease to exist, as will at least half of the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.

Do you think these 'folks', as Obama liked to say, believe this?

WhatsMyElevation lists the elevation of their home as being 3 feet above sea level. Others place it at 10 feet.

Either way, either the Obamas made a very stupid investment, or they don't believe in the nonsense that they bankrupted this country for.


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