Police Sgt on Life Support in Baltimore After Robbery

Yet another reminder that Baltimore is a broken city. And the Democrats, black nationalists and pro-crime activists broke it.

The purge of police officers after the death of a drug dealer led to a sharp drop in arrests and a rise in crime. And the criminals were arrogant enough to shoot a police sergeant who is now on life support.

A masked man shot an off-duty police sergeant Thursday afternoon in northeast Baltimore.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said Sgt. Isaac Carrington, a 22-year veteran of the BPD, was talking to a neighbor around 3:24 p.m. in the 5600 block of Summerfield Avenue.

Harrison said a masked man got out of a car and demanded property. The neighbor threw property and ran. Carrington ran and the gunman gave chase and shot him multiple times. The gunman got back in the car, possibly an Acura, and fled.

A witness said she saw a man trying to rob Carrington, who was dressed in plain clothes. She said there was a physical struggle before she heard gunshots.

"They were kicking him and then they began to shoot him repeatedly ... They began to shoot, and I heard like four or five gunshots, and then they took something from him," a witness said. "They went off in a black car."

"He chose to live here. He's an officer that actually lives in the city of Baltimore, and we want to make sure that our officers want to live here, but if things like this keep happening, I doubt that our police officers will want to live here," Mayor Jack Young said.

The Ferguson Effect works. So does putting police officers through hell over the death of a drug dealer.

Pro-crime policies work. And the same people responsible for them spent a week condemning President Trump for pointing that out.