Questioning Jeffrey Epstein's Death is Not a Conspiracy Theory

It's not a conspiracy theory when there's demonstrable evidence of a conspiracy.

There's no argument that Jeffrey Epstein got a corrupt pass from the justice systems of three states, Florida, New York, and New Mexico. Not to mention the federal government.

There's also no real argument that Epstein's prison sentence, in Florida, in which, despite being a sex offender, he was allowed out on "work release" to his office where he allegedly continued his pattern of inappropriate sexual behavior, before returning to his private wing.

There's no argument that his release process was highly suspect, that he doesn't seem to have been appropriately signed out and in, or that he was able to hire sheriff's deputies to provide security for him, while he continued to engage in his previous behavior, while he was supposed to be in prison.

This is a conspiracy. And no one is seriously denying it.

Epstein had supposedly attempted to commit suicide. Despite being on heavy monitoring, he allegedly was able to try again and kill himself.

There's every reason to suspect this story.

Here's CNN, which is shouting about conspiracy theories, reporting on Epstein's death.

Jeffrey Epstein's cell was not regularly monitored the night he is believed to have killed himself, a source with knowledge of the accused sex trafficker's time at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York said Sunday.

Epstein, 66, was in the special housing unit in a cell by himself when he was found dead early Saturday. He initially had a cellmate, but that person was removed for reasons unknown, the source said.

It's protocol for inmates coming off suicide watch not to be placed alone in a cell, according to the source.

Protocol within the federal detention center's Special Housing Unit is for guards to check on inmates every 30 minutes. If the inmates appear to be asleep, protocol states guards should make sure they're OK, the source added.

So there are multiple violations here. But of course it's crazy to think that there's a conspiracy, instead of a bunch of accidents.

For "unknown" reasons, Epstein's cellmate was removed, the guards didn't check on him, and he wasn't regularly monitored.

All of them involving a high-level prisoner, who had previously suborned the justice systems of three states, and of the feds, and likely possessed information about Epstein's contacts with important political and financial figures, and, potentially, their sexual contacts with underage girls.

None of those are conspiracy theories. They're what we know.

The conspiracy theory is that his suicide was anything other than natural. 

Normally, a conspiracy theory violates Occam's Razor, assumes facts not in evidence, and creates a fictional narrative to explain an outcome that has a rational explanation.

And maybe Epstein did just commit suicide.

But considering the background, the straightforward explanation to the resolution of a conspiracy is... a conspiracy.

I'm not going to start throwing around names. I know the Clintons are a favorite target, but after the election, they've lost most of their power and influence. I doubt they could kill off a goldfish. But the bottom line is that we are talking about a man who traveled in powerful circles, who managed to get a pass on the worst possible crimes, and who now has died under mysterious circumstances before he could name any names.

That's legitimately suspicious. And extremely convenient. The story of Jeffrey Epstein should not be allowed to end here.


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