Rep. Omar on Using Campaign Funds for Adulterous Affair: “Do You Understand What ‘No Comment’ Means?”

"No comment" means I refuse to address that because...

A. I'm guilty as hell

B. Talking about it makes me look bad

Rep. Ilhan Omar is responding the same way to questions about whether she used campaign funds for travel possibly associated with an adulterous affair as she did to whether she had married her brother for immigration fraud purposes.

You've gotta give Omar credit. She does get around.

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar said Wednesday that it was “stupid” for reporters to ask her about allegations that she misused campaign funds to pay the travel expenses of a man with whom she’s accused of having an affair.

They’re stupid questions,” Omar said while dodging reporters after an official appearance at a north Minneapolis grocery store. “Do you understand what ‘no comment’ means?”

Aides for Omar physically blocked reporters from getting close to the congresswoman, who faces a series of controversies that she referred to Wednesday as “shenanigans and rumors.”

Omar has increased the number of events she’s holding in her Minneapolis district this week. She told reporters during her roundtable Wednesday that they could “chase me all you want” but she would not answer questions about her personal life or her campaign.

“It’s always fascinating. These media people say, ‘The congresswoman doesn’t focus on her work,’” Omar told people gathered for the roundtable on food insecurity. “And then you’re here to do work and they will talk to you about some shenanigans and rumors that are online.”

Why does the media keep focusing on...

1. Rep. Omar's anti-Semitic comments

2. Allegations that she married her brother

3. Adultery allegations

4. Campaign finance allegations

5. Adultery and campaign finance allegations

The obvious answer is for Rep. Omar to quickly say a bunch of anti-Semitic stuff to change the subject.


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