Twitter Just Helped Educate Mitch McConnell About Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives

Quick, name the highest ranking Dem official censored by social media?

Right. On the theory that Twitter's lefties are working their way up to censoring the President of the United States, they just hit a major milestone.

Twitter locked accounts belonging to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's re-election campaign and several prominent conservatives Monday, after they posted videos of left-wing protesters gathered outside McConnell's Kentucky home -- with one demonstrator calling for someone to stab McConnell "in the heart" and for McConnell to break his "raggedy" neck.

The episode prompted the McConnell campaign, known as "Team Mitch," to slam Twitter for political bias, saying the social media platform had effectively blamed the victim. Meanwhile, observers noted, Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro remains active on Twitter, even after he posted the names of San Antonio residents who donated to Trump.

Castro's doxxing session won't get him in trouble. Just as Louis Farrakhan is still active on Twitter. And so is Hamas.

But McConnell's people posting video of lefty hate got them shut down.

What's striking is the level of malice here. It's not anything that McConnell or his people said. It's the very act of exposing lefty hatred that served as the pretext.

Strategically this isn't so brilliant since any Senate bill has to get past McConnell and Twitter just helped educate him about big tech censorship.


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