Vegetarian Teen Accused of "Islamophobia" Over Halal Meat

It doesn't matter if you're a meat-lover or a meat-hater, or a vegetarian or a vegan, the only correct answer to a question about Halal meat would be, "It's so diverse and is enriching our way of life." 

One British vegetarian teen though made a mistake that nearly wrecked her life by saying what she thought.

GCSE student was disqualified for "obscene racial comments" after an examiner mistook her vegetarianism for Islamophobia, it has emerged.

Abigail Ward, a 16-year old pupil at Gildredge House school in Eastbourne, East Sussex, was penalised for her observations about halal meat during a Religious Studies exam in June.

She was informed by exam board OCR she had committed a "malpractice offence" and would be disqualified from the qualification "due to obscene racial comments being made throughout an exam paper"

Abigail had apparently called Halal meat "absolutely disgusting."

Halal meat is a religious practice and Islam isn't a race. So calling Halal meat disgusting isn't a racial comment. But that's one of those facts that stands in the way of law, civil rights, etc... and occasionally terrorizing 16-year-old girls who thought they were on the right side of history.

Ward's mother told the Telegraph the misunderstanding was likely caused by an "overzealous, over-righteous" examiner. She reiterated her daughter is a very dedicated vegetarian and an animal lover.

You can be an animal lover. You can protest burgers and fur coats all you like. But the moment you offend Islam, it's a hate crime.