What's the Dem Plan B if Biden Fails?

Lefties had repeatedly argued that by embracing electability, the Democrats were putting forward some very unelectable candidates.

They may have had a point with Hillary Clinton, but their choice, an elderly socialist with trouble keeping track of basic facts, who openly calls for tax hikes, was not nearly as electable as Sandernistas like to think.

They made the same argument against Biden. And that argument, which seemed weak at the time, seems a whole lot more compelling.

Biden has always been a one-man gaffe machine. But there's a difference between his old persona, which had a Trumpian freewheeling aspect, and his new persona, which shows flashes of being freewheeling, but mostly seems inept, uncomprehending and incapable.

Every Biden visit seems to generate a new crop of gaffes and conservatives have gotten better at putting boots on the ground to ask him awkward questions. 

Biden is still the frontrunner and the Democrats still have a Sanders problem. Their two Biden-killers are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, unlikable socialists with major background issues, who are far from a sure thing.

That's why the Dems were drawn to Kamala Harris. 

Harris seemed like a viable Biden replacement and she has shown some ability to tap into the black vote. But she's also proven to be a weak candidate. That's why her surge fizzled. And as the field narrows, so does the back bench. What used to be a huge clown car of candidates is swiftly narrowing to a small row stocked with people, like Beto O'Rourke and Andrew Yang, who aren't going anywhere.

The best Biden alternatives the Dems have won't make the debate cutoffs leaving the party with a choice between Warren and Biden.

And that's a dilemma that favors Biden.