Why Won't Bernie Sanders Stop Lying About Health Care?

Senator Bernie Sanders doesn't actually know very much about anything.

Like your average socialist college freshman (who only got into it last month), he memorizes a handful of factoids (which may or may not be true) and pads out the rest with rants about corporations sucking your blood for their filthy profits.

Previously, Bernie didn't actually have to know facts. And even when he decided to run for the White House, twice, he can't go past his arm-waving rhetoric and the factoids. And he doesn't abandon false factoids even when they've been disproven.

So here's CNN forced to awkwardly fact check Sanders on health care.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is once again saying on the campaign trail and in interviews that the US spends twice as much on health care, per capita, as any other country in the world.

It's a claim he has been making since at least 2009, when PolitiFact noted that it was false. He made it again in 2015, when PolitiFact noted that it was still false.

Facts First: It's still false now. The US does spend the highest amount on health care per capita of any Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development country, but not double every single one.

Bernie doesn't care. It takes a while for him to memorize a line. And once he does, he sticks with it.

That's how he ended up falsely claiming that Israel killed 10,000 people in Gaza.

Bernie Sanders likes how "per capita" sounds and he likes the line, and he isn't going to stop. It's not like there's a political penalty for lying. Bernie's supporters don't care. Your average Dem doesn't care. Even CNN doing this feels like an awkward exercise. 

Fact checking leftists in this day and age is like condemning marijuana or gay marriage. It makes you seem old-fashioned.

Fact checking is supposed to be dedicated to calling Republicans liars non-stop on the theory that this will cause the public to distrust them and social media sites to ban them, not because there are any actual facts at stake.

So yes, Bernie has no particular relationship to reality. Obviously. He's a socialist.