The 2020 Election is Obama's Nightmare Scenario

After all the hype, the rumors that Obama's people favored Deval Patrick, the meetings with candidates, the noise about Michelle Obama running, the Dem field comes down to three candidates, Joe Biden, the guy Obama didn't want running last time, and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, two senators with whom Obama hasn't been on great terms. Meanwhile the rest of the field is all but ready to disavow him as a statist warmongering bigot who hated illegal aliens. It ain't easy being Barry anymore. 

Biden is running as Obama's candidate. But he's a weak candidate and not especially reliable. But the alternative is one of the two socialists seeking to sweep away his cult of personality for one of their own. Neither Sanders nor Warren want to run as a succession candidate. Warren has reached out to Hillary. But Hillary can't do much for her. Obama could throw the election to her.

But he isn't eager to do so. And Warren doesn't seem eager to embrace him either.

Despite Obama's operation and organization, it seems as if he had little impact on the election.