44% of Americans Want Pols to Criticize Media

The corporate media monopoly has been complaining that it's facing too much criticism from President Trump. But the latest Morning Consult poll suggests that if anything there hasn't been enough criticism.

The poll shows that 28% of adults want presidential candidates to be much more critical of the media. While another 16% want them to be slightly more critical of the media.

That's a total of 44%.

Only 26% of media lovers want presidential candidates to leave the media alone.

While some might assume that most of the hostility to the corporate media monopoly comes from Republicans, actually 36% of Democrats want candidates to be more critical of the media.

As do 40% of independents.

61% of Republicans want more criticism of the media.

While conservatives (60%) are the group who want there to be pressure on the media, even among liberals, 35% want to see presidential candidates take on the media.

43% of black people want presidential candidates to take on the media.

And 57% of those in the military want to see a fight with the media.

The media is wrong when it says it's being criticised too much. A whole lot of Americans across the political and racial spectrum believe it hasn't been criticised enough. President Trump has clearly tapped into something.