Bernie Sanders: Kill Babies, Save the Planet

The Climate Town Hall was bound to be a cringeworthy disaster. No topic produces more lefty quackery and creepy proposals than the environment. And 2020 Democrat candidates answering questions from a Dickensian gallery of proggie misery did not disappoint.

Here's Bernie Sanders answering a question from a woman who seems to have sprung from a Prohibition cartoon about the importance of saving the planet by killing babies. And yes, Bernie is all for killing babies. The planet can't sustain its human population. Or at least the lefty parts of it don't seem to be doing it very well. Something must be done about all those people. Especially in the Third World.

This is where the media would lecture us about the racist roots of abortion, if a Republican had said it. But it's just Bernie.

Enjoy this paean to zero population growth by a top 3 Democrat.

The folks set to run this country have an environmentalist fever and their solution is genocide, genocide, and more genocide.