Cousin of Murdered Jewish Teen Blasts HBO

In 2014, HBO aired the Newburgh Sting, a documentary that defended violently anti-Semitic Islamic terrorists who plotted to bomb New York synagogues. This is what HBO was trying to whitewash.

“Look at the Jewish guy. You’re not smiling no more, you f___r. I hate those bastards. I hate those m______s. Those f____g Jewish bastards. I’d like to get one of those. I’d like to get a synagogue. Me. Yeah. Personally,” Abdul Rahman, also known as James Cromitie, had ranted.

"With no hesitation, I will kill 10 Jews.”

The targets of the Muslim terrorists known as the Newburgh Four had been two synagogues. And the media took the side of the anti-Semitic terrorists. 

5 years later, HBO seems determined to top The Newburgh Sting with Our Boys which, despite the advertising, sideswipes the kidnappings and murder of the three Jewish teens, which began a conflict with Hamas.

Rabbi Blech, a cousin of one of the teens, has blasted HBO's bias and revisionist history.

With the title “Our Boys” many people were teased into thinking that this would be the story of three innocent Israeli victims. The movie, however, begins only after the death of the three boys. No actors play their parts. No emotional connection with the viewers is ever established. That would have made them identifiable victims – teenagers we come to care about before their brutal slayings. The story only starts after they are buried. Nothing is shown about the three-week search in vain or the frantic pain and worrying of the families. Short snippets of TV news reports give us cold facts. And then we get what for the producers is the real focus of the story. You see, dog bites man isn’t really that interesting, but man bites dog – and Orthodox “settlers” are guilty of the murder of an innocent 16-year-old Palestinian, well that’s really a story that deserves full Hollywood treatment!

Viewers never get a chance to see my cousin, his two friends or their Jewish parents. Instead you are given the chance to only empathize with the heartbreaking story of the Arab family and hate their son’s crazy killers.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has urged a boycott of the Keshnet network for its role in this toxic garbage. Americans should have the same response to HBO's whitewashing of anti-Semitic violence by Islamic terrorists in America and Israel.