Dem Candidate Valerie Plame Tries to Dodge Anti-Semitic Past With Dubious Claims of Jewish Ancestry

In a tactic that has become all too widespread on the Left and the Right, Valerie Plame, a left-wing Dem congressional candidate in New Mexico is trying to dodge her anti-Semitic past by claiming Jewish ancestry.

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson tweeted out an anti-Semitic article that claimed Jews were the cause of America's wars.

"America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars," she tweeted.

Plame then spent time on Twitter defending it.

She's now claiming once again that she didn't really understand what she was tweeting.

"You have retweeted or shown interest in articles that are put out by a website that is basically a platform for extremist thought and anti-Semitism. What are you doing having anything to do with a site like that if you want to represent New Mexico as a Democrat?" Cuomo asked.

Plame said she apologized profusely multiple times after she retweeted the article. Plame shifted the topic to her kids and how she told them about the importance of expressing sincerity when apologizing.

"Why did you do it?" Cuomo asked.

"Because I didn't read the article all the way through and I was simply focused on getting out of … the mistake I thought of getting out [of] the Iran nuclear deal, which I thought was a really bad idea, and that's proven to be true," Plame said.

You don't need to read "America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars" all the way through to grasp the premise. And the media is letting her get away with this nonsense.

Meanwhile her campaign ad is attempting to claim Jewish ancestry.

Plame then declares, “I come from Ukrainian Jewish immigrants.”

According to her Wikipedia bio, "Plame's paternal grandfather was Jewish, the son of a rabbi who emigrated from Ukraine; the original family surname was "Plamevotski". The rest of Plame's family was Protestant (the religion in which Plame was raised); she was unaware, until she was an adult, that her grandfather was Jewish."

So Plame had a Jewish grandfather. So did Lenin. There were Nazis who had some Jewish ancestry.

Being able to point to a Jewish ancestor somewhere in the family tree, when you aren't actually Jewish, doesn't mean you aren't a bigot.

Karl Marx had two Jewish parents who had converted to Christianity. He was baptized in the Lutheran Church and was violently anti-Semitic. He did not see himself as Jewish.

Plame dragging out her Jewish grandfather does not change who she is or what she believes. It's a despicable cynical ploy by a bigot.