Elizabeth Warren Issues Bold Call for End of Human Civilization

With a view of the Earth as a backdrop (a view only made possible through the use of the same technology that environmentalists hate even more than organized religion, plastic straws and air conditioners), Senator Elizabeth Warren issued a bold call to end human civilization.

"By 2028, we don't have any more new building that has any carbon footprint. By 2030, we do the same thing on vehicles, on our cars and light duty trucks. And by 2035, we do the same thing with electric generation. That'll cut 70% of the carbon," Warren shrilled at the endless CNN Climate Town Hall.

The CNN Climate Town Hall emitted enough carbon to wipe out every sea otter on earth. It also came packed with more shamelessly hypocritical environmentalist proposals than Prince Harry after taking a jet plane to visit a brothel in Thailand.

Still Warren's proposal not to build anything with a carbon footprint or allow any vehicles and power generations with a carbon footprint is a bold proposal to eliminate human civilization as we know it. Since everything, including Warren's big mouth, emits carbon.

Fortunately, it sounds like Warren's homes will be grandfathered in to this proposal not to allow any new buildings.