France's Environmentalism Killed 1,500 People

Don't worry. It's all for the planet.

Last month, I noted that France and the rest of Europe had set itself up for a major mass death event due to its environmentalism. Especially its rejection of air conditioning.

90% of American households have air conditioning. As do 86% of South Koreans, 82% of Australians, 60% of Chinese, 16% of Brazilians and Mexicans, 9% of Indonesians and less than 5% of Europeans.

A higher percentage of Indian households have air conditioning than their former British colonial rulers.

Temperatures in Paris hit 108.6 degrees. Desperate Frenchmen dived into the fountains of the City of Lights with their clothes on. Parisian authorities announced that they were deploying heat wave management plan orange, level three, which meant setting up foggers in public parks and distributing heat wave kits. The kits consist of leaflets telling people to go to libraries which have air conditioning. 

France24, the country’s state-owned television network, advised people suffering from temperatures rising as high as 110 degrees to take cold showers and stick their feet in saucepans of cold water.

Desperate Frenchmen trying to get into any body of water they can have led to a 30% rise in drownings. The dozens of people dead are casualties of the environmentalist hatred of air conditioners.

Only 5% of French households have air conditioning. Even in response to the crisis, the authorities are only deploying temporary air conditioning to kindergartens.

Now the French are congratulating themselves because this time only 1,465, not 15,000 people died.

Record-breaking heat waves in France this summer caused the deaths of nearly 1,500 people, according to the country’s health ministry.

The pair of hellish heat waves hit the country in June and July with the highest temperature — 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit — recorded in the country at Verargues in the south on June 28.

A total of 1,465 more people than usual died in those months, sending the death rate soaring 9.1 percent on average for that period.

If only they had stuck their feet in pans of cold water, they might still be alive today.

But it's for the planet. All for the planet.

The Cult of Gaia demands human sacrifices. Meanwhile Greta Thunberg is going on a world tour and Prince Harry will jet off on a private plane to warn us about the dangers of flying to the environment.

It's a joke. Until over a thousand people die. And then it's a crime.