Hillary Clinton's Surreal Journey Into Irrelevance

American politics, for all its flaws, offers the opportunity to see a former president or presidential candidate go from dominating the scene to being irrelevant in a matter of years. Hillary Clinton's journey to irrelevance though has been more surreal than most.

Her post-career image consists of bizarre things like Hillary and Clinton, a failed Broadway play about people who weren't the Clintons, and becoming modern art

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee looked through printed copies of her emails and sat at a replica of the Oval Office's Resolute Desk during a visit Tuesday to an art exhibit in Venice, Italy, titled "HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails," according to the exhibit's creator and curators.

"Hillary Clinton spent an hour yesterday reading her emails at my exhibition of all 62,000 pages of them in Venice," American poet and artist Kenneth Goldsmith tweeted Wednesday. "She is pictured here at a replica of the Oval Office Resolute Desk, stacked with her emails."

Whatever Hillary Clinton expected her career to be in 2016, it wasn't this Andy Warhol wormhole.

Perversely, her post-political career is starting to take on overtones of Monica Lewinsky. Like Monica, Hillary has become a punchline and a name associated with the surreal implosion of politics, completely destroying the brand she had worked so hard to build.

And now all she can do is awkwardly play along with it.

Why sit at the gallery for an hour reading her own emails? Who even does that? What's the point.

I'm not sure Hillary knows either. That bird has flown the coop.

There's really nothing for her to do. Today's Dems don't want her near them. With the possible exception of Elizabeth Warren, who's trying to play all the angles, they don't want the toxic image or the familiar Clinton habit of grabbing a piece of the action.

So instead Hillary is doing her own version of The Artist is Present. What else is there for her to do?