If SF/LA's Human Waste and Disease Outbreaks Aren't Pollution, What Is?

The media is loudly ridiculing President Trump for urging the EPA to hold San Francisco accountable for its public filth problem.

Environmentalists insist that 'carbon' emissions, also known as human breaths, are a form of pollution. Meanwhile they deny that human waste, needles on the street, and Hepatitis and Typhus disease outbreaks are pollution.

The same double standard is practiced on the border with Mexico where horrifying levels of waste and pollution that have sickened Border Patrol personnel is completely ignored.

Meanwhile the Left continues its mad war on coal.

If disease-ridden filth isn't pollution, then the term has no meaning whatsoever.

How can tens of thousands of incidents of human waste on the street not be a pollution issue while cow flatulence is?

How can the return of a medieval disease not be a crisis while jet travel is?