Jemele Hill Should Leave The Atlantic

Jemele Hill, a black nationalist media troll who proved too obnoxious even for ESPN, found a soft landing at The Atlantic. A magazine that is to sports as Michael Dukakis is to pro-wrestling. Cue the desperate attention grabbing antics by Hill.

"It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges," Hill tells black athletes. "They attract money and attention to the predominantly white universities that showcase them, while HBCUs struggle. What would happen if they collectively decided to go to black schools?"

What would happen?

They wouldn't make any money. And wouldn't have much of a shot at a future. #Resistance.

But why doesn't Jemele Hill leave The Atlantic, which is mostly white and go work for Jet or Ebony? Or blog at The Root? I'm going to guess that it's because The Atlantic, courtesy of Steve Jobs' widow, can pay a whole lot better. 

Why don't Hill and Ta Nehisi Coates and the other black nationalist trolls at the magazine announce that they're leaving to attract attention to a black publication? Why don't they ensure that their books are published by black nationalist houses?

Hill preaches what she doesn't practice. And black athletes have right to laugh in her face.


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