Jimmy Carter Couldn't Manage Presidency at 80 or 53

Is age a disqualifier? How about we start with basic competence.

Weeks shy of his 95th birthday, former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday he doesn’t believe he could have managed the most powerful office in the world at 80 years old.

“I hope there’s an age limit,” Carter said with a laugh as he answered audience questions during his annual report at the Carter Center in Atlanta. “If I were just 80 years old, if I was 15 years younger, I don’t believe I could undertake the duties I experienced when I was president.”

In all fairness, he couldn't manage them when he was in his fifties either. Age was never his problem.

Reagan, who replaced Carter, ran against younger candidates and prevailed. He also produced far better results despite being the oldest elected president of the time. Meanwhile the boy wonder presidents, JFK, Bill Clinton, Obama, were invariably disasters. 

Compare the economy under Trump, at 73, to the Obama era.

Now it does seem as if Biden might have lost it. But it's a little tricky to tell because, like Carter, he never had it to begin with. He's always rambled inane nonsense, made up strange lies and manhandled women. All that's happened to him is that he slowed down. The slowing down is probably a function of age. But the rest is Joe being Joe. And, in this case, Jimmy being Jimmy.

Hopefully he'll go on avoiding rabbits.