Julian Castro Polling at 2% Among Latino Democrats

How do you say "embarassing" in bad Spanish again?

Politico Magazine has one of its patented, "Why doesn't anyone like X candidate" pieces. And at times it's unintentionally hilarious.

 A recent open-ended Pew survey put Castro below even Buttigieg in a poll of Latino Democrats.

I'm not sure which survey Politico is using, but this August one has Castro polling at 2% among Latinos while Buttigieg polled at 1%.

Those are obviously really, really bad numbers. And humiliating for a guy whose whole pitch is ethnicity. And yet it seems Latino Democrats are not all that enthused about open borders.

It could be worse though.

Castro is at 0% among black Democrats.

As Castro sees it, white pundits and political analysts are underestimating what it would mean for turnout if the first Latino were on the ticket. A lot is made about how Cuban-Americans don’t vote like Puerto Ricans who don’t vote like Central Americans who don’t necessarily respond to a third-generation Mexican-American with occasionally shaky Spanish. Castro says those differences will melt though once a nominee actually comes from the Latino community, and he suspects that even Republican-leaning Hispanic voters will support a path to victory that, he told the audience in New Hampshire that evening, would give the Democrats Florida, Arizona, and at last, the great state of Texas.

And they'll crown him king. And put a golden crown on his head.

But until that great day, he's polling at 2% even among Latino Democrats because they don't actually like him very much.

Nevada, the third in the nation caucus state has among the highest Hispanic populations in the country, a state where Hispanics account for roughly 30 percent of the vote. In five polls of the state conducted so far this year, however, Castro has failed to best 1 percent.

But all the Hispanic Republicans will vote for him. And Texas too.

But around a sprawling backyard with a swimming pool in the town of Cornish, New Hampshire, after Castro finished up his bit about saying “¡Adiós!” to the Trumps on the White House lawn, Mauricio Vivaldo, a 59-year-old retired educator and immigrant from Bolivia said that he was dismayed that more Latinos had not attended Castro’s events.

“There are a lot of Latin people in Manchester, a lot in Nashua. They know he is running but they are not here to support him,” Vivaldo said. 

They're good judges of character?