Lefties Bemoan Refugees Capped to Size of Durango, Colorado

The media is whining that President Trump's new refugee cap of 18,000 limits the number of refugees to the population of Durango, Colorado. The idea that the number of incoming refugees will be limited to the size of a small city isn't sitting well with them.

That said, the refugee cap is a good idea. The allotment however isn't.

The Trump administration will reserve 4,000 refugee slots for Iraqis who worked with the United States military, 1,500 for people from Central America and 5,000 for people persecuted for their religion, senior administration officials said. The additional 7,500 slots are for those who are seeking family unification and have been cleared for resettlement.

The Pentagon's policy of bribing Iraqis with resettlement in the United States puts Americans at risk. The military should not be embedding enemies into this country and risking American lives in order to have better luck recruiting locals in war zones.

It's a bad policy in general. But considering the rapes committed by Iraqi "translators" and assorted assistants brought to this country, a really bad one.

A former translator for U.S. troops in Iraq was convicted of all counts in the brutal rape of a Colorado Springs woman who nearly died of her injuries.

Sarmad Fadhi "Levi" Mohammed, 26, of Colorado Springs, faces the potential of life in prison at a Sept. 16 sentencing.

The victim, a woman in her 50s who suffered what prosecutors called "horrific" and "unimaginable" injuries, wasn't present for the verdict.

Doctors said she could have died had she not been rushed into surgery.

The assault occurred early July 22 at a west-side apartment complex where Mohammed lived with three roommates, all Iraqis who fled their native country after assisting troops with combat operations.

The roommates each were charged as accessories to the crime because prosecutors say they lied to police about it afterward.

This is the terrible policy that the Pentagon has been lobbying for. And, unfortunately, it got its way.

Instead of bringing Christian refugees from Muslim violence to America, slots will be reserved for the perpetrators of that violence.


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