Media "Fact Checkers" Push for Ad Boycott of Twitchy, Conservative Sites

The media's manufactured fake news crisis has had three simple steps

1. Claim that 'fake news' or 'disinformation' poses a grave threat to human life and democracy

2. Assemble a list of sites and people, mainly from the political opposition, and accuse them of disinformation using your own 'fact checkers' whose conclusions are partisan products 

3. Pressure social networks and now ad networks to cut them off

Here's another phase of the lefty censorship campaign via the lefty 'fact checkers' at Poynter from the Global Disinformation Index which has been working on ad boycotts of opposition sites. It was co-founded by Clare Melford who "led the transition" of a Soros group to independent status. The purpose of the GDI report and the Poynter post is to pressure ad networks to boycott what they deem to be disinformation sites.

GDI's example of bad domains are, "These domains include,,, and, among others." And then there are the good domains, "These news domains include the BBC, the Chicago Tribune, ABC Australia, Al Jazeera, and Le Monde, among others."

So Qatari Islamist propaganda is trusted, but Russian propaganda is distrusted. Media sites should be promoted. Conservative sites should be penalized.