Muslim Mobs Rampage in Pakistan After Hindu Principal Arrested for Blasphemy Against Mohammed


As long as Islamic rule has endured, blasphemy laws have been used by Muslims to terrorize, intimidate and subjugate non-Muslims. The threat of a blasphemy accusation is a blood libel that reliably unleashes violence against non-Muslims.

The latest such incident out of Pakistan is typical.

Dozens of people have been arrested in Pakistan after a teenager accused his Hindu headteacher of blasphemy, sparking riots.

The principal, who owns the school, was accused of making comments about the Prophet Muhammad in Sindh province.

A large mob then allegedly attacked a Hindu temple, shops and the school in the town of Ghotki on Saturday.

The principal is now in custody facing blasphemy charges. If found guilty, he could face the death penalty.

There was a similar case out of Sudan. And Pakistan has faced repeated incidents of the use of blasphemy libels against Christians.

When Islamists argue that their religion should be respected and blasphemy banned, it's important to remember that blasphemy laws are just another way that the Muslim conquerors have colonized, subjugated and dominated their indigenous non-Muslim victims.