Muslim Refugee Stabbed 2 Americans to "Protect My Prophet"

After the outrage over Mohammed cartoons, western government implemented cartoon control. But we don't need cartoon control. It may be that we need koran control.

An Afghan man suspected of stabbing two American tourists last year at Amsterdam's Central Station has told judges he travelled to the Netherlands 'to protect the Prophet Mohammed'.

Jawed Santani, 20, appeared at a two-day hearing in a heavily fortified courtroom in Amsterdam, where he faces two attempted murder charges with the aim of committing an act of terror. 

'I came to the Netherlands to protect my prophet,' he told the judges in reference to the August 31 incident last year that sent midday commuters into a panic and left two severely injured victims.

'I was planning to kill unfair and cruel people, those who make it possible for the Prophet Mohammed to be insulted,' national news agency ANP quoted him as saying.

What Jawed ended up doing was stabbing two American tourists. While it was reported at the time that their injuries were not severe, the situation seems to have worsened since then.

One victim remains in a wheelchair with a severe spinal cord injury, while a second man was stabbed in the right chest and arm, according to reports.

'Due to nerve damage this man still has very little as well as and tingling feeling in his arm,' the ANP said.

We don't need knife control. We need koran control.