New York Urgently Bans E-Cigs Over Pot Vaping Illnesses

The Left's policy moves aren't rational or intellectually consistent. Just ideologically and culturally consistent. That's why bizarre stuff like this happens.

The state of New York is pushing for an emergency ban on flavored e-cigarettes, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo saying “vaping is dangerous."

“No one can say long-term use of vaping — where you’re inhaling steam and chemicals deep into your lungs — is healthy," Cuomo said Sunday, per NYT.

As opposed to smoking pot? 

New York State nearly legalized marijuana, but is now urgently banning flavored e-cigarettes, even though they're not the issue. Pot is.

Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday the government needs to regulate cannabis products, after reports of 450 possible cases and five deaths from a mysterious lung disease linked to vaping.

Most of the patients reported vaping both nicotine and THC, the marijuana compound that creates a high, though some reported only using nicotine.

“People who are vaping nicotine and having these reactions probably are vaping illegal products that are counterfeit,” Gottlieb said in a “Squawk Box” interview. “We have to have a federal reckoning here.”

The states allowing recreational use of cannabis “don’t have proper oversight, so these illegal vapes are getting on to the market.”

On Friday, the FDA said many of the samples tested by the states or by the agency as part of their investigations contain THC. Most of those samples with THC also contained significant amounts of vitamin E.

So the problem is drugs, but let's just mindlessly resume the war on tobacco anyway. Because lefties believe that drugs are great, except nicotine, which is evil. 'Squares' use nicotine, while enlightened and creative minds like theirs get high on marijuana.