NJ Officials Hail "Success" of Giving Illegal Aliens $3.8M in Financial Aid

We all have different metrics for success.

The plumber, the rapist and the Democrat define success differently. But they all want to succeed. Here's how New Jersey Dems define success.

When New Jersey debuted a new program last year offering college aid to immigrants living in the country illegally, it was unclear how many undocumented students would sign up.

After a year, advocates and state official say the program has been a success.

You handed out free money to criminals. The criminals took it. Success!

During the 2018-2019 academic year, 749 undocumented students were awarded $3.8 million in state financial aid to attend New Jersey colleges, according to new statistics released by the state Higher Education Student Assistance Authority.

The so-called “Dreamers” -- students brought to the U.S. illegally as children -- had previously been permitted to attend New Jersey state colleges paying in-state tuition. But they were forbidden to apply for state-funded financial aid programs.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law last year opening up state financial aid programs to undocumented immigrants, offering them the same state grants, scholarships and other aid used by U.S. citizens living in New Jersey.

That's the same Phil Murphy who gave state jobs to an alleged rapist, a convicted corrupt official and a guy who threatened his brother with a knife. And who is now trying to ban guns.

But even by Governor Murphy's low standards, is this really a success? 

Does handing out the money of homeowners to illegal aliens really require a lot of effort? Was there ever any doubt that the thieves would take the money?