Pakistani Muslim Immigrant Wanted to Stab/Bomb New Yorkers w/"Grace of Allah"

A Muslim travel ban is racist and un-American. Now please enjoy this American story about a hard-working immigrant who came to this country with a knife and a dream. And worked his way up to planning to drop bucket bombs on Americans in Queens by the "Grace of Allah".

Awais Chudhary, 19, was arrested on Thursday in Queens as he picked up a 'tactical knife' and other supplies from an Amazon locker, following an undercover online sting operation.

Chudhary, a Pakistani-born naturalized U.S. citizen, is being held without bail on a charge of attempting to provide material support to ISIS, a designated foreign terrorist organization. 

The Queens teen also wrote that he was praying 'not let us get caught or imprisoned, for indeed the entire plot belongs to Allah alone,' and asked for information 'on how to build a bucket bomb,' Yockel wrote.

The documents say that Chudhary told the undercover agent that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS, and wanted to conduct a 'lone wolf' attack for the group.

The FBI says that Chudhary described a plan to drop 'bucket bombs' onto traffic from the bridge above during rush hour, and then attack pedestrians with a knife.

He also sent videos of bomb attacks illustrating the type of bombs he was interested in building, according to the FBI, writing: 'This is what I mean by bucket bomb or something hefty as you see he placed it and then moved away for its hefty explosion with the grace of Allah.'

Asked whether he was 'ok' with dying Chudhary said yes and wrote, 'May Allah not turn our hearts away or make us ever doubt or hesitate.' 

He also wrote asking the undercover agent to send 'training videos on how to effectively use knife and training in general ... as training for Jihad for Allah is worshiping in itself,' the FBI says.

On Tuesday August 25, Chudhary again asked the undercover agent for a video demonstrating the use of a knife in an attack 'so he could 'use it effectively,' and stated that he had never 'shot a real gun nor used a knife to spill the impure blood of a kafir,' the charging documents state. 

By kafir, he meant non-Muslim.

And no, Awais Chudhary didn't misunderstand Islam. These are the commandments of his religion. He's practicing his religion. We have to ask ourselves whether we can co-exist with the practices of a belief system that believes non-Muslim blood is impure and must be spilled for Allah.