Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: Israel Has No Right to Accuse Us of Anti-Semitism

There's the patented Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speech pattern which resembles a goat trying to solve a quadratic equation. Ocasio Cortez slowly picks her way through a rhetorical rock pile, hoping to stub her toe on something relevant and then actually express it.

The rock that caught her toe in this i24 interview seems to consist of denying that opposing Prime Minister Netanyahu is the same thing as opposing Israel, and claiming that Israel's government has no right to accuse opponents of anti-Semitism.

The first claim was slightly more palatable when it was being put out by the Obama administration. When an ally of the BDS movement, whose goal is the destruction of Israel, tries to claim that she opposes Netanyahu, not Israel, eye rolls can only ensue.

Likewise, after allying with a variety of anti-Semitic figures from Jeremy Corbyn to Rep. Ilhan Omar, Ocasio Cortez tries to dictate to Israel and to Jews what it can define as anti-Semitism with the breathtaking intellectual acuity of a dog trying to figure out how to use an elevator.

But, to summarize, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez allies with anti-Semites, but don't accuse her of anti-Semitism.