San Fran Board of Supervisors Passes Resolution Calling Political Opposition a "Domestic Terrorist Organization"

Let's not even dwell on the false accusations here. As bad as they are, what the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, a government body did, in passing a resolution calling an organization representing 5 million Americans whose views on the Bill of Rights are mainstream in the political opposition, a domestic terrorist organization is far worse. Had a GOP legislature labeled Planned Parenthood a domestic terrorist group, the media would be warning about the "threat to democracy" and the criminalization of the political opposition.

That's exactly what this is.

The resolution may have no real authority, but it makes the case for criminalizing political opposition to the Left. And that's civil war stuff.

he city of San Francisco has formally adopted a resolution calling the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization.

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors on Tuesday took the step of officially declaring the nation's premier gun-ownership advocates a terrorist organization.

Supervisor Stefani said she doesn't want this to end with this declaration. The declaration calls on the city to reach out to other cities, states and even the federal government to adopt similar declarations.

This doesn't just criminal gun ownership, which obviously the anti-2nd amendment lefties want to do, it criminalizes political opposition.

If you don't agree with gun control, you're a terrorist. And if you're a terrorist, well you can be locked up and killed.

We don't let ISIS supporters run around free, do we. Why let NRA members run around?

The obvious response to this is to declare the San Francisco Board of Supervisors a domestic terrorist organization for acting to shield criminals and illegal aliens. 

And then watch the fur fly when what's good for the GOP goose doesn't turn out to be good for the proggie gander.