Senator Kamala Harris Calls for Banning Plastic Straws

The real lesson of the last 70 years should be that California's craziness doesn't stay there. The plastic bag ban migrated from California around the country. The straw ban is tottering around the states like an alcoholic wino trying to get to the front page of the Los Angeles Times. And here's California's other senator, the one trying to become president on account of having once slept with the Mayor of San Francisco, suggesting that sure, straws should be banned, nationwide, probably worldwide. Even though there's no replacement.

Senator Kamala Harris, whose idea of innovation is claiming that she suffered from segregation in 60's Berkeley (they had white and colored marijuana dispensaries), then urges innovation to replace plastic straws with... something. 

Except that plastic straws are the product of innovation. 

Environmentalists aren't innovating. They're going back in time. First paper straws. Then drinking from a cup. Then banning cups and forcing everyone to drink from their cupped hands. Sure it's awkward, but otherwise the planet is doomed.

Our superiors, like Kamala and Prince Harry, will drink from disposable golden mugs bought with carbon credits. Then they'll smile awkwardly, when we catch them, and tell us that by buying carbon credits they're also saving the planet. From us.

Anyway, here's the glorious straw-less future from Kamala "That Girl Was Me" Harris, currently living with an entertainment lawyer in Brentwood, while trying to make the rest of the country look like Oakland.