Texas Shooter Failed Background Check

"We need more background checks laws."

Except, the ones we have actually seem to work pretty well. The problem usually is that...

1. The killers often have a criminal past, but not enough of a record due to lefty pro-crime policies. The Left hates what it calls the "school-to-prison pipeline'. Instead it prefers to enable future killers like Nikolas Cruz and enable the 'school-to-morgue pipeline'.

2. Just like in Europe and Chicago, the killers find ways to get guns illegally.

Now, it turns out that the Texas shooter, the latest lefty excuse for throwing a tantrum and demanding the cancellation of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights had failed a background check.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted Monday that the gunman in Saturday's mass shooting in Midland and Odessa had previously failed a gun purchase background check and did not go through a background check to buy the gun used in Saturday's incident.

Abbott's tweet did not say why the 36-year-old Odessa man didn't pass the background check or how he obtained the rifle he used to kill seven people and injure 22 others — including a state trooper and two police officers. The gunman died after a shootout with police outside a Midland movie theater.

Abbott also cited the shooter's criminal history.

"We must keep guns out of criminals' hands," he said.

Note how rarely Democrats actually say that. They don't want to focus on stopping criminals, but on depriving everyone of their civil rights.


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