"They Don't Read the Koran": Afghan Refugee Goes on Stabbing Rampage in France


Another day, another migrant Jihad that will shortly be blamed on the usual European excuse for Islamic terrorism

1. Drugs

2. Mental illness

3. Some combination of the two

But never the Koran.

Even though the stabber mentioned the 'K' word.

An Afghan asylum seeker is accused of killing a 19-year-old man and wounding at least nine people in a frenzied knife rampage in France.

Witnesses said a man armed with a kitchen knife and barbecue fork randomly attacked people at a bus stop during the bloodbath in Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon.

He allegedly said during the attack: "They do not read the Koran."

Clearly we need to ban barbecue forks. That's the root cause there.

A woman, whose tank top was stained with blood, told LCI that one person had been stabbed in the stomach, a man was stabbed in the head and an older woman was knifed in the ear.

The woman said she stepped in front of the older victim to protect her, adding: "There was blood everywhere on the ground."

A witness named Nina added: "I was in the subway at the end of a mundane day and then [the police] evacuated the metro.

"We saw large bloodstains on the ground."

"A nineteen-year-old man was stabbed to death first, and then others were wounded in the head and stomach."

It's okay. This has nothing to do with Islam.

The enormously trustworthy and capable French authorities have determined that, like every other Islamic terror attack in Europe, it was caused by drugs and mental illness.

He was without any identity document. It would be an Afghan known under two different identities with three dates of birth. He arrived in France in 2009 and then went to Italy, Germany. He has no judicial record. "He said he was a Muslim and heard voices insulting God and ordering him to kill, and his words were inconsistent and confused," said the prosecutor. The assailant was examined by an expert psychiatrist who evokes "an invading psychotic state and delusion paranoid".

The national anti-terrorist prosecution did not take up this case. The investigation continues in connection with the Paris prosecutor. Information will be opened tomorrow, says the prosecutor. 

The attacker declares himself as "Sultan Marmed Niazi", an alias among others, and was born in 1992 (one of the three dates of birth mentioned to the police) in Afghanistan.

Problem solved. Nothing to see here folks.

Just another of those Muslims hearing commands from Allah to kill non-Muslims. Must be mental illness and drug use.