Why Brian Hook is Being Targeted Now

The Trump admin's national security team has sharp divisions between pro-Islamic appeasers and hawks. These conflicts have already seen the departure of multiple figures, including H.R. McMaster, Mattis and now Bolton.

And the departures of the people at the top has also meant major shifts below them.

John Bolton took over from H.R. McMaster, the administration's worst appeaser, who protected Spygate figures at the National Security Council, and covered for Obama loyalists. A potential replacement is Brian Hook, whom Dems have targeted for two reasons.

1. A tough Iran policy

2. His targeting of the Obama/Clinton NSCers

That's in the past.

Now that Brian Hook is a potential contender for National Security Advisor, the Left, its useful idiots, the appeasers and the Iran Lobby have quickly gone after Hook with some of the same lies and smears that they aimed at Bolton.

Hook isn't a perfect choice. There are better people for the job. And he's been far too close to the Bush-Romney side in the past. But he did hold the line on Iran. That's what infuriates the media voices screaming their heads off about him.

And, significantly, he helped clean up the NSC.

Now that Bolton is gone, the media figures going after Hook want another H.R. McMaster, someone who will fill the NSC with pro-Islamists, and urge appeasement as the answer to any threat and problem. Whether or not they will get their way remains to be seen. 

There are better choices than Hook. But the media figures attacking him want a much worse one.