2020 Dems Debating Impeachment Reveals Its Hollowness

The 2020 Democrats are running to beat and replace President Trump.

Then why begin the debate with a question about impeachment? 

If you're running to replace Trump, you don't need to talk impeachment. If you're talking impeachment, then you don't really expect to beat Trump.

So one of these things is true.

1. The Democrats don't expect to beat Trump

2. The Democrats don't expect to impeach Trump

Both are probably true to some degree. 

The 2020 candidates are talking about impeaching Trump because the idea is popular with donors and the base, not because they think it will happen. And, equally, many of them are not especially confident of victory in 2020 either. 

CNN however loves the idea of talking about impeachment. Even when it's not currently happening.

The impeachment lead highlighted the hollowness of the debate, of impeachment and of the 2020 field.