Allah-Shouting, Knife-Wielding Muslim Threatening Jews Not a Terrorist

Whew. I'm relieved. I hope you are too.

Belgian police arrested a Muslim man who asked passersby on a Brussels street if they were Jewish while holding a knife and shouting about Allah.

No one was hurt in the incident last week in Koekelberg, a northwestern neighborhood of the Belgian capital.

The suspect is not considered a terrorist, a spokesman for the Brussels Prosecutor’s Office told HLN, though he is believed to have committed attempted murder “with connection to his religious or philosophical convictions.”

I'm so glad he's not a terrorist. He was just terrorizing people in connection with his philosophical religious convictions.

This is a vastly important distinction that no doubt has a substantial impact in some incomprehensible way. But mainly it allows European authorities to find yet another creative way to redefine a Muslim terrorist attack as not being a terrorist attack.