California Law Covers Free Pot, School Pot

California Democrats have embarked on an extended art project to show what a lunatic asylum legislature would look like. Here's the latest delivery from the mothership of madness.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom handed a win to the cannabis industry over the weekend when he signed a law allowing marijuana businesses to claim state tax deductions.

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A bill authorizing the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, at UC San Diego, to cultivate cannabis for use in scientific study. The center has struggled with obtaining enough cannabis for research due to federal restrictions.

A bill setting a deadline of 60 days for cannabis businesses with 20 or more employees to sign a labor peace agreement, allowing employees to unionize without their employer’s interference

The other bills Newsom signed include measures that make it easier for ill people to receive cannabis medication at no cost,

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Medical marijuana to be allowed at California K-12 schools, with parents’ OK

This is your government. This is your government on drugs.