Could Trump's Impeachment Trial End Warren's Candidacy?

Anyone going after Trump usually runs into the law of unintended consequences. Chaos produces chaos and then catastrophe.

An impeachment trial in the Senate would be a massive threat to President Trump, but it could also cripple — or boost — the campaigns of a half dozen Democrats vying to beat him.

A House vote to impeach the president seems overwhelmingly likely, as his administration refuses to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry. That would kick impeachment to a trial in the Senate as soon as late November.

An impeachment trial would consume every senator’s schedule. Under the Senate’s current rules, all senators must be in session Monday through Saturday, starting at around noon each day. The trial may last several weeks — Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial lasted five — thus taking several candidates off the campaign trail the month before the primaries start.

That’s a major problem for the six senators running to be the Democratic nominee for president — Cory Booker, Michael Bennet, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren...

But even top candidates like Sanders and Warren would have to fly out to places like New Hampshire and Iowa for evening events and then back to Washington in time for the next day’s hearings, he said. “They’re going to have to work their asses off.”

Booker, Bennet, and Klobuchar don't have a shot. Kamala and Bernie don't have much of one either.

But, could Mitch McConnell decide to drag out an impeachment trial to tie up Warren's campaign? That would be a classic example of Warren's own radicalism backfiring, with the trial taking her off the campaign trail at a crucial time.

And, it would effectively clear a pathway for Biden.

There would be a great deal of irony considering the Bidenesque origins of this mess.