Council Against Islamic Religious Hatred (CAIRH) Calls Out Islamic Anti-Semitism 

A shot across the bow of communal complacency was fired by the Council Against Islamic Religious Hatred (CAIRH) with a powerful ad that ran in the Boston Herald. The ad, which documented the facts about Islamic anti-Semitism, called out Jewish communal complacency by listing the undeniable facts about Islamic anti-Semitism.

The CAIRH ad pointed out that "the world's 16 most antisemitic countries are all in the Muslim Middle East where 74% to 93% exhibit extreme Antisemitism" and that globally, and in America and Europe, Muslim Antisemitism rates are far higher than average.

It also demonstrated that Islamic Antisemitism is not about politics, but is a religious bigotry that has its origins in the Koran.

This powerful ad will no doubt elicit ugly responses from CAIR, ISNA, and various Islamist groups, and their leftist Jewish allies, who insist that any expose of Islamic Antisemitism is Islamophobia. But the ad's use of evidence-based statistics demonstrates that the problem of Islamic anti-Semitism is real and inescapable.

As a follow-up to the ad, CAIRH is "encouraging individuals to print out the high quality pdf “tear page” of the ad to present to their Rabbis & Jewish community leaders & ask them if they are familiar with these ADL data, understand how disproportionate the problem of Muslim Jew-hatred is, and, regardless, what they are doing or plan to do about the problem."

You  can download a copy of the ad to print out and distribute here.


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