Dems Panic Over John James in Michigan

While the news is bad out of Colorado, a state that is starting to seem as unsalvageable as California, there's good news out of Michigan.

Or bad news in this poll, if you're a Democrat.

That “oh, oh” you hear from the Democratic camp of U.S. Senator Gary Peters is that, in one week, two polls are out showing his race against Republican challenger John James is a statistical dead heat and for an incumbent to be in that spot one year before the election is hardly good news.

In the Vanguard, Dennis, Pubic Sector Consultant poll  last May it was Mr. Peters 42% and Mr. James 37%.  It is now 39.5% for Mr. Peters and 39.3% for Mr. James.

James was one of the most promising candidates of the last cycle, he's back in, and his numbers look very good. 

More party support last time around could have already seen Stabenow out and James in. Now, Democrats are scrambling to try and stop James in the lamest ways possible.

The Democrats are banging the drum to link Mr. James to the problems President Trump has.

They are showing a photo of Mr. James with Rudy Giuliani and a Ukrainian businessman charged by the Feds with campaign finance violations.

Do they really think anyone in Michigan is going to care? And deploying that, this early on, is a sloppy desperation tactic. Which doesn't suggest that the Dems have a plan to stop James beyond appealing to Washington Post readers.