Environmentalists Try to Spray Fake Blood, Lose Control of Hose (VIDEO)


We must all drop what we're doing and fly jets to a climate conference around the world. Also we must listen to an unstable 16-year-old teenage girl throwing tantrums in public. And use metal straws that may kill us. Also spray a ton of fake blood around London.

A climate change protest in London involving 1,800 liters of fake blood went horribly wrong Thursday.

Video shows activists, situated on a firetruck, briefly spray the British Treasury building in Westminster with red paint spewing from a fire hose. But the protestors quickly lost their grip on the hose, which landed on the street and began to flood it with the paint.

The activists who were on the truck chased the hose around and tried, to no avail, to regain control. One of the protesters managed to get a grasp, but the hose slipped away again and continued to dance wildly on the road.

8 of these geniuses were apparently arrested.

But I'm sure the planet is better off that a whole lot of water and food dye was wasted and will have to be cleaned up. This comes from the same sort of eco-fascists who want carbon taxes and fines and fees on everyone for merely sharing a planet with them.

The activists from the group Extinction Rebellion drove up to the Treasury in a fire engine they had purchased on eBay, and sprayed what they described as fake blood high onto the building.

After the stunt, four activists including an 83-year-old man stood on the roof of the fire engine, from which they hung a banner saying “Stop funding climate death”, a slogan that was also daubed onto the wall of the imposing central London building.

Fellow protesters stood on the street displaying other banners with slogans such as “This is an emergency”. The steps of the Treasury and the street in front were soaked in the red liquid, which was water colored with food dye.

Sure, put these idiots in charge of our lives. They seem super-competent.