"Extinction Rebellion" Ecofascists Can't Stop Vandalizing Things... For the Environment


The latest obnoxious astoturf ecoscam campaign is Extinction Rebellion, a fancy name for a bunch of establishment types who go around pouring red paint on things while screaming that the planet will die unless we go under ecofascist rule right now.

Thus far, they made a mess in London by spraying red food dye and water all over the place. They sprayed red paint around Wall Street. And they vandalized a chalk White House in the UK which schoolchildren had been working hard to restore.

...for the environment.

Extinction Rebellion are making friends everywhere while waving their little green ecofascist flag. And, the same ecofascists and ecoscammers, who claim that we can't even have plastic straws, believe that it's okay to dump gallons of red paint all over the place.

To recap, you drinking a plastic straw is bad for the environment. Them, pouring red paint all over the place is good for the environment.